Missing Out On Conversations You Can't Hear?

Are you constantly asking others to repeat themselves?  It’s frustrating for you and others around you! You can receive a comprehensive hearing test along with a 30-Day trial on hearing aids.

- Hearing Expert, Jennifer R. Horak, Au.D.

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Hearing Diagnostics

We will find the best solution for your hearing problem.

At the Hearing Diagnostic Center, our state and nationally licensed audiologist will conduct a complete evaluation of your hearing, which enables her to determine the type and degree of hearing loss that you have along with the right solution for your needs.  Testing is an important part of the evaluation.

  • Middle ear test (tympanometry) - measures the response of the ear drum to changes in air pressure.
  • Frequency specific tonal test - measures hearing sensitivity to frequency tones in the range of average speech sounds.
  • Speech recognition test -  measures the ability to hear and understand spoken words and messages.
Am I a candidate for a hearing aid?

We also test for specific diseases related to hearing and balance.

Our Hearing Diagnostic Center also provides site of Lesion and audiovestibular testing which are a series of very specific and sensitive tests to diagnose a variety of diseases of the hearing and balance systems, such as Acoustic Neuroma, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Labyrinthine Vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, and Vestibular Neuronitis.

  • Auditory Brainstem Response Test (ABR)
  • Electrocochleography (ECOG)
  • Electronystagmography (ENG)

Custom Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life!

Custom hearing aid fitting

Everyone is different and so is every individual’s ability to process sounds.  At the Hearing Diagnostic Center, we dispense hearing aids that are affordable and custom made to fit your specific needs.  Among our variety of hearing aid sizes and technologies, we have conventional analog, programmable, and 100% digital hearing aids.

We also dispense custom fit swim plugs, noise protection plugs, musician plugs and a variety of assistive listening devices, such as amplified phones, tele-talkers, and TV enhancers, that can help you improve your communication and quality of life!

Common misconceptions about hearing aids

They are so big! 

Technology has advanced so that hearing aids can be smaller and less noticeable without losing their effectiveness.

They’ll make me look old!

Consider this:  which person will be perceived as “older,” the one who misunderstands conservations and is constantly asking others to repeat themselves, or the one who is actively participating in a conversation while wearing hearing aids?

They’re too expensive! 

Hearing aids are like care:  you really do get what you pay for.  At the Hearing Diagnostic Center (as with any reputable hearing aid dispenser) you get a 30-day trial period.  If you try the aids for 30 days and decide not to keep them, you may return them for a refund minus a fitting fee.  It’s practically risk-free to try a hearing aid.

Various hearing aid sizes will fit your lifestyle
Someone I know got hearing aids and never wears them.

There's probably a reason that they’re not wearing them.  Maybe they are uncomfortable, too loud, or produce poor sound.  In recent years, great technological efforts have focused on these problems.  At the Hearing Diagnostic Center, the sales price you pay for the hearing aids includes our services.  You may bring your hearing aids in for any reason and we will work with you to make it right. We are committed to working with you to give you the most comfortable and natural sound possible.

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