Stop Cataracts From Clouding Your Vision with PanOptix®

New technology changes what's possible, PanOptix® can offer you expanded vision capabilities.

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Still Suffering from Your Sinus Pain?

Do your sinusitis symptoms keep coming back?  You may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty, a quick office procedure that produces long-term relief.

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Missing out on conversations you can't hear?

Are you constantly asking others to repeat themselves?  It’s frustrating for you and others around you! You can receive a comprehensive hearing test along with a 30-Day trial on hearing aids.

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Trouble with cloudy vision, glare or halos?

Your vision correction is just a quick procedure away.  Cataract removal is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today.

Your Cataract Options

imagine life without glasses

Do you have trouble with blurred vision at normal reading distance or at any distance?  Fellowship-trained glaucoma, cornea, and cataract surgeon Linda Burk, M.D., can restore this vision while performing cataract surgery

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Still Suffering from Your Sinus Pain?

Do your sinusitis symptoms keep coming back?  You may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty, a quick office procedure that produces long-term relief.

You Want the Best for Your Care - Dallas Eye & Ear

Dallas Eye & Ear has specialists in Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Audiology just for you.

Whether you need vision restoration, sinus treatment, or hearing restoration, you want to know that your doctor is qualified, skilled, approachable and interested in what’s best for YOU.

How Bad Are Your Sinuses?

Evaluate your symptoms to find out if you're a candidate for a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, which greatly reduces the suffering experienced by chronic sinusitis patients.

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Comprehensive Eye Care for Patients


It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to correct your cloudy cataract vision. Linda L. Burk, MD, can also treat your glaucoma, correct astigmatism or presbyopia during the same cataract procedure.  Only ONE procedure, and you enjoy the best possible vision correction.

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In-Office Optical Shop

In-House Optical Shop

Our on-site optical shop provides convenience for our patients who wear prescription glasses and contact lenses.  We offer multiple pair discounts.  Many single vision lenses are kept on hand to offer you same day service.

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Complete Ear Nose & Throat Care


Suffering from sinus infections, snoring, sleep apnea, or hearing loss can be very frustrating for you, your family, or your co-workers!  You want the best outcome. 

John R. Gilmore, MD, will use his decades of experience not only to diagnose and treat your condition, but also to explain your options in a manner that is easy to understand.

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Hearing Diagnostic Specialists

Hearing Diagnostics

Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves, because their voices seem muffled or unclear?  Does “ringing in the ears” drive you nuts?  Get help. Our Hearing Diagnostics Center will provide you with a complete evaluation of your hearing, including a middle ear test, frequency specific tonal test and speech recognition test.  Hearing aid patients at our Hearing Diagnostic Center receive a 30-day trial period on all hearing aids

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Congratulations Dr. Burk for being named Dallas' Top Ophthalmologist for 2020!

You Want the Best for Your Care

Dr. Linda L. Burk is a board-certified Ophthalmologist specializing in cataracts, glaucoma, vision abnormalities, and diabetic eye complications.  She performs comprehensive eye exams and surgical interventions. Dr. Burk is one of the best cataract surgeons in the greater Dallas area and one of a few to perform glaucoma and cataract vision correction during the same procedure.

* Dr. Burk gives international presentations on the topic of glaucoma and cataract surgery/treatments.

Dr. John R. Gilmore is a board-certified Otolaryngologist.  He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  In addition to focusing on facial cosmetic procedures, Dr. Gilmore also focuses on improving the lives of people who suffer from snoring, have trouble breathing through their nose, and are frustrated by frequent sinusitis infections. Dr. Gilmore offers many of these patients a simple procedure performed in the office called Balloon Sinuplasty.

Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive hearing testing helps us determine the type and degree of hearing loss patients are experiencing, so that we can collaborate and provide an appropriate solution for each patient. Our hearing aids are affordable and custom fitted specifically to the patient’s needs

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

"Fantastic care, great people and unprecedented expertise!"

I am truly satisfied with my exam experiences, contacts as well as glasses prescriptions. Couldn't be happier and I have been a patient for going on 10 years. Thanks, Dr. Burk!

"Best ENT in the universe!"

I never imagined my sinuses/breathing could feel this good. I had about 5 sinus infections a year and now it is practically none. I cannot say enough of Dr. Gilmore’s professionalism, excellence as a surgeon and courteous bedside manner. Best ENT in the universe!!! He is a Keeper!

"Dr. Gilmore took his time with me."

Dr. Gilmore took his time with me. My allergies were horrible. He explained everything that he could do to help. He gave me the choice on how I wanted to proceed. He didn’t pressure me into anything. His knowledge on my sinus problem made me feel so comfortable. He has a gentle approach that I love about him!!

"Dr. Linda L. Burk is a total professional."

Dr. Linda L. Burk is a total professional that conveys real care for her patients such as I. Thank You. You now have me as a patient for life!!


They were amazing with helping my husband get fitted for an awesome pair of glasses!

"Keep up the great work Doctor and staff!"

Well I didn’t know what to expect after surgery but I can say that the operation was a success and I fill that the operation did wonders for my breathing I am a nose breather. Things turned out great.

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